Supply chain & Investments

IAM@POLITO Center will carry out its activities starting from the backgrounds of the involved research groups. According to the collaboration with IIT@PoliTo Center a laser powder bed fusion technology (EOSINT M270 Dual Mode) is available. In order to increase the research and activity capabilities about AM of metal components, it is fundamental to include in the center other powder bed technology currently on the market, the EBM Machine. In the second year the acquisition and installation of a Hot Isostatic Pressing system in IAM@POLITO Center is scheduled. At the same time, in the second year also a CT scan will be acquired in order to integrate the characterization facilities already present in the departments with a non-destructive test able to investigate the quality in terms of dimensional tolerances, surface roughness and residual defects such as cracks or porosities in AM specimens and components (both by AM, NNSHIP and AM+NNSHIP). In the third year the aim of IAM@POLITO Center is to widen the research field of the powder production by acquiring a small scale atomizer.